Brand New Day

Sad news, faithful readers, Blurry Pictures of My Cat has been HAXXORED.  The database got corrupted, and since the blog is mostly me rambling and posting, um, blurry pictures of the cat, I haven’t been keeping backups.

But, as someone once said, these little setbacks are just what we need to make a giant step forward. (Disclaimer: not to be construed as a promise to make a giant step forward.)

In the spirit of providing Actual Content, let me tell you about a couple of the podcasts I’ve been listening to.  With each podcast, I’ll feature a fascinating recent episode (FRE).

Either of these will rock your iPod, I promise you.


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One response to “Brand New Day

  1. Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your HAXXORing. Makes me think it is about time I made a backup.

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